Breast Augmentation
19 Şubat 2020
Simple Nose Aesthetics
19 Şubat 2020

Saggings caused by birth, breastfeeding, genetics, weight gain or structural reasons can be corrected by breast lift surgery.


Asymmetries and differences between breasts can also be corrected by breast lift surgery. Breast lift aesthetic surgery is often performed as a result of volume shrinking and involution after stopping breastfeeding, breast tissue shrinking, and deterioration of aesthetic appearance such as sagging. When sagging occurs, the nipple looks down or sags.


In some patients, the reduction of breast tissue as a result of gaining and losing excess weight may have the same result. In breast lift operations, it is aimed to achieve the old form and erectness of the breast again, to reshape and to give a conical structure. If the dark area around the nipple (areola) is large, it can be narrowed with this surgery. Almost all sagging breasts are corrected in the brown area.