Facelift Surgery

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Facelift Surgery

So what are the goals of surgery?

Pitting and wrinkles under the eye, jaw line deteriorated by tissues hanging down the cheeks towards the chin, fattening and sagging in the neck are the target areas of face lift surgery.

Classical face lifting techniques are preferred in patients with a lot of skin wrinkles and sagging. In this technique, an incision is made starting from the sideburn area, first in front of the ear, then continuing towards the back of the ear. The success of this surgery lies in the stretching of deep tissues, not the skin. No tightness should be left on the skin. Otherwise, the skin is very stretched during healing and leaves a bad scar. However, it is possible to achieve long-lasting results with the suspension of deep tissues.

Another method of face lifting is the technique performed with 4mm thickness surgical cameras called endoscopes. In this technique, the deep tissues are stretched up and fixed by small incisions in the scalp. Patients with less sagging and less skin wrinkling on the face, and whose jaw line is not deteriorated much are more suitable for endoscopic face lift.

Let’s see the other things you wonder. How long will this surgery take?

Face lift operations can take 4-6 hours. Don’t let this scare you. If you want a permanent and long-lasting face lift, you should know that this is possible with a deep tissue operation.