Genital Aesthetics
19 Şubat 2020
Arm Lift
19 Şubat 2020

The methods to be applied in the leg lift surgery are determined in direct proportion to the deformation rate in the legs. Liposuction and laser assisted liposuction are applied to the legs with slight deformation.

The appereance of the leg is very important when wearing both trousers and skirts. The sags on the legs negatively affect self-esteem. Due to aging, gravity, loss of skin elasticity and decreased subcutaneous fat tissues, especially the inner leg skin hangs down from the groin.


Especially in summer, it is quite difficult to hide the sagging of the legs in floaty dresses, swimsuits, bikinis and light coloured trousers. In the legs with a high amount of deformation, surgical leg lifting is applied. In leg lifting surgery, it is aimed to achieve aesthetic smooth legs by providing harmony in the body.